Seminar: Dr. Tetsuaki Miyake, April 05, 2017

Centre for Research on Biomolecular Interactions presents Dr. Tetsuaki Miyake, Department of Biology, York University

Talk Title: "Assessment of Protein:Protein Interactions in Live-Cells Using  Nanotrap Technology"

Abstract: Cells have amazing capabilities to adapt to a wide variety of environmental conditions using  networks of proteins. Thus, most, if not all, cellular functions are regulated by protein:protein interactions. Therefore,  it is fundamental to have robust tools to document protein:protein interactions. Although recently developed technologies, such as proximal ligation and in-cell tagging, provide alternative approaches, we still rely mostly on biochemical techniques to detect protein:protein interactions due to technical limitations. In addition, due to limited resolving power for optical fluorescent microscopy (about 200nm), visualization of protein co-localization in cells by  fluorescence microscopy is insufficient for definitive protein:protein interaction analysis in live-cells. To overcome this limitation, a new technology has been developed based on a “GBP nanotrap”. Using this technique, one can robustly assess protein:protein interactions in living cells. Here, I will discuss our recent adoption of  this technology and also its general applicability to the analysis of any protein:protein interactions.

Please join us,

Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2017
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: Petrie Science and Engineering Building, Room 317 (York University, Keele Campus)

Refreshments will be served.